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 Professor Teaches Excel 2003 انطلق مع الاكسل !!

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مُساهمةموضوع: Professor Teaches Excel 2003 انطلق مع الاكسل !!   الأحد أبريل 12, 2009 4:52 am

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Professor Teaches is the #1 brand of interactiv e computer training for the leading software applicatio ns. The Professor Teaches series offers a complete training solution, from beginner to advanced topics, with hundreds of practical exercises designed to build essential skills quickly and effectivel y. Unlike a videotape or classroom, users receive immediate and practical experience , which rapidly increases productivi ty.

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Professor Teaches Office 2003 is the most comprehens ive training for Microsoft Office available. Not only is it the #1 best-selling training software, the Office 2003 courses are Microsoft Office Specialist approved and independen tly tested. Professor Teaches courses have received many prestigiou s awards and are the highest quality training available.

• Microsoft Excel 2003

Easy Learning

Learn from each of the nine courses or just the ones you need! Professor Teaches courses use real-world settings and accurate simulation s to help you apply your new knowledge directly to daily tasks and the knowledge you gain becomes an asset for life.

Improve Your Productivi ty: Each course is educationa lly organized into chapters and lessons.

• Learning objectives guide you to success.
• Colorful graphics and clear instructio ns keep you interested .
• Profession al voice narration assists retention.

Most Interactiv e Training: Learn more effectivel y in an accurately simulated environmen t that is highly interactiv e.

• Accurate screen presentati ons, menus, and buttons provide an easy transition to the real applicatio n.
• Step by step interactiv e exercises achieve high retention rates.
• Practical exercises and examples make learning understand able.

Comprehens ive : Become more productive because you will learn more.

• Each course covers the most important topics.
• 4 to 8 hours of interactiv e training in each course.
• Separate courses for Advanced Microsoft Office Topics are included

Comprehens ive : Learn from the best training available.

• All Microsoft Office versions are designed to meet Microsoft Office Specialist Exam Requiremen ts.
• All 15 courses use the same design and education methods to ensure consistent quality throughout .
• Professor Answers provides true just-in-time learning.

Just-in-Time Training

Professor Answers is more useful than Microsoft Help. It provides learning just when you need it. Powerful search and browse features give you the training you need right away.

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Title: Professor Teaches Excel 2003
Type: Training
Company: Individual Software
Format: .ISO
Size: Uncompress ed 201.7MB, Compressed 152.4MB
OS: Microsoft Windows XP, 2000, ME or 98
System Requiremen ts: Pentium®️ PC or Higher, Double Speed CD-ROM Drive, 16 MB RAM available, 20-60 MB Hard Drive space available per applicatio n, 800 x 600 16 Bit color display, Sound card, Speakers or headphones , Mouse
Protection : N/A
Language: English
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Professor Teaches Excel 2003 انطلق مع الاكسل !!
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